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Every 90 seconds someone dies from the parasites in dirty water

Well Wishers Africa CIC is a non profit organisation, Company Number 13209205.

Hi my name is Antony Taylor. I started this project as im fed up with all the greed and corruption from worldwide governments. They waste billions each year on thing we don't even need. Robots walking the earth, Yet some people are still without clean drinking water ??? Its disgusting. The amount of corruption and greed of these selfish people is totally disgraceful.

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We’ve all see the adverts that tell us that a small donation of just £3 a week will change a persons life. The sad reality of this, is that the persons life you think you’re changing, only really benefits from around 20p of that £3 donation.

We are a small team who have worked hard to create an idea and plan of action to remove the middle man. Our contacts throughout Africa have worked closely with us over the last year, with our primary goal to build on making real changes for the people who need it the most.

It never ceases to amaze me that in 2021, people are still unable to get fresh drinking water, to give them a fighting chance of survival. The already malnourished children are still having to walk miles, just to bring water back to their family, that is both polluted and full of disease.

Why after so many donations are there no filtration systems to stop this? Why in 2021 does someone still die every 90 seconds due to starvation and dirty water? These are just some of the many questions, I have never managed to receive an answer for, despite spending years fighting for change.

It costs £6000 to build a filtered drinking well in order to give people their basic human right of clean water.

Our first goal is to raise the money to fund these wells from our donations page.

Our second goal is to pay the contractors directly from the donations received, showing not only clear records of this but also the outcome and changes those donations are making, through daily updates and photos directly from the source.

We are fighting to not only make changes in countries such as Linguere, Saloum, Nguiro Kebe and Ndiambour, but to also produce an accountable record of these changes, so that people no longer have to give their money to an unseen cause.

By paying local contractors in that area, we are helping to provide work and a sustainable way for them to support their own families in the future.

We may never bring an end to poverty but we can make sure that people have access to clean water, which is taken for granted by so many of us.

A huge thank you and total respect to Naggayi Vicky and her cousin for the help they have give Well Wishers. They are true stars for everything they have done. Please get behind us and support our cause 🙏. These people are wonderful and we can all help just for a small donation.

We may only be a small team, but with the donations of everyone that wants to finally see change, we will be unstoppable.

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Well Wishers Africa CIC is a non profit organisation, Company Number 13209205.

How can you help?

We are asking for either a one off donation, or weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and only what you can afford, even if it is £1, it does not matter as every penny is a step closer.

Can I get updates?

Can i see where the money is going?

Yes, follow us on Facebook. Our contractor will post daily update pictures showing well construction progress.

Contact Details

We would be delighted to hear from you! Delighted to answer any questions you may have!

For more information contact:

Antony Taylor.

Well Wishers Africa CIC.

180 High Street
LL19 9BW.

Phone: 07568 658 118.

Email: anttay531@hotmail.com.

Company Number 13209205.

Otis and his family

Cheikh Fallou and his family the Touba village.